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    Citadel: First Colony
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    Citadel: Paths in Darkness
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    Tin Man
  • College Made Stupid Simple
    College Made Stupid Simple
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  • Citadel: First Colony: Book One of the Citadel Trilogy
    Citadel: First Colony: Book One of the Citadel Trilogy
  • Citadel: Paths in Darkness (Volume 2)
    Citadel: Paths in Darkness (Volume 2)
  • College Made Stupid Simple: A guide to getting more than a diploma
    College Made Stupid Simple: A guide to getting more than a diploma

No thanks, I'll just grope myself

It's interesting to read news stories about the TSA. There are the expected protest stories and tales of "gate rape." And then there are the stories of TSA security personnel facing verbal abuse from passengers.

Well, friggin' duh.

Seriously, we are facing a huge slight to our civil liberties here, and we're being told by John Pistole that it doesn't matter how much or how officially we complain, nothing will change. You know what happens to police officers and soldiers who enforce government policies that cause civic unrest? People eventually beat the hell out of them.

The TSA is putting American citizens in an untenable position. We're supposed to endure indignity and not say a word. Right. Because that's what Americans do. We suffer silently.


Writing sequels

I can't tell you how many tens of people have contacted me asking, "When the heck is the next installment of Citadel coming out?"

Well, Mr. Impatient Pants, the first book only came out in March, so chillax already. But because you asked nicely, I can tell you that the second book is about 3/4 written, and will be called "Citadel: Paths in Darkness."

Doesn't that sound ominous? Yeah. Way ominous.

I've learned a few very important lessons from writing this series, and this second book in particular. For one thing, I think I took on a very large mouthful when I decided to make this an "ensemble cast." I have more subplots than pages. This makes it tough to remember every detail, and I start getting paranoid that I've left something to the Langoliers. So I'm taking a breather from writing new material, and stepping back to re-read and rewrite this book from the beginning. I did this with a couple of other books and it seemed to work out well.

In the meantime, you can buy the second edition of "Citadel: First Colony" by click on the "books" link above. And while you're there, go ahead and pick up a copy of "College Made Stupid Simple" for the college freshmen in your life. They will thank you by mentioning you in their Valedictorian speech.

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